“Please Save my 2 Kids and Wife, Kidnapped 7 Years Ago & Converted to Islam In India” – A Father Pleads

On Oct 27 2010, Priya Rani along with her 2-year-old twins, Aloch Raj & Anamika Raj, disappeared from IGI Airport, New Delhi just before she was going to board a flight to Muscat, to join her husband Binod Kumar who was working there. The distraught husband and father has not since his family since.

When Priya and the children did not reach Muscat, Binod informed his father-in-law Shravan Kumar who immediately rushed to the airport. After failing to locate them despite searching everywhere and calling all their near and dear ones, Shravan Kumar lodged an FIR with IGI Airport police station on Oct 30. Here is a copy of the FIR –

Binod flew down from Muscat and frantically ran from pillar to post in an attempt to locate his family. Some time later he found out that they had been kidnapped by one Mohammed Munna Ashik alias Munna s/o Mohammed Ashik Mia. But despite approaching top police officials and even the Delhi CM, his family could not be located and he returned to Oman.

Binod’s family

All these years, he kept making attempts to locate them, and finally learnt that his family was being kept in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand by Md. Munna. He alleges that they have been converted to Islam, and his wife is being raped by the accused. They are now too frightened or hopeless to even attempt to escape. He also alleges that cash and other assets held jointly by him and his wife has been siphoned off by Mohammed Munna.

In desperation, Binod has now made a public video appeal to rescue his family-

Binod has also appealed to the Commissioner of Police, New Delhi through the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) –

Binod says that he has been threatened by Md. Munna never to return to Bharat, else he will be killed. But he is planning to return to Bharat for one final attempt to rescue his family and be reunited with them after 7 long years.

Courtesy: http://www.hindupost.in/news/please-save-2-kids-wife-kidnapped-7-years-ago-converted-islam-father-pleads/

2 thoughts on ““Please Save my 2 Kids and Wife, Kidnapped 7 Years Ago & Converted to Islam In India” – A Father Pleads

  • November 4, 2017 at 9:08 am

    What is he doing ? Why does not he approach the PM office Jharkhand CMs office and Hindu Samhati in Jamshedpur. Further what is this cry of conversion to Islam ? Conversion is from heart. If you don’t accept you are not converted. There is no conversion to hinduism. You are a hindu if you believe in the hindu way of life. As his wife still believes in the hindu way of life. She is still a hindu. And children are small you cannot convert them.

  • November 4, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Shocking News for Kid napping wife & Kids & others such Criminal Organized Accidents indicate that India should Bold in Law, Rules & Regulations of Country That No Criminal will never be Entertainment in any form, Even if any one turn as Criminal his property & Life, Even all other relations must be transferred into such a Danger that no word can describe it.

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