PM Modi Beats People Like Trump, Putin And Comes In Top 3 List Of global Leaders

In an annual global ‘end of year’ survey on world leaders, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has made it to the top three. PM Modi ranked third in Gallup International’s 41st annual global survey.

The survey was taken on the basis of favourability and unfavourability during in the period October-December 2017 in 55 countries around the world. The sample size of the survey totalled 53,769 respondents.

In India, a sample size of only 1006 participants were cited in the Gallup report.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ranked first with a net score calculating favourable vs unfavourable at +20.

French President Emmanuel Macron ranked second with a net score of +21 and PM Modi ranked third with a score of just +8.

“Despite a domestic political set-back German Chancellor Angela Merkel ranks as the most popular leader polled; 49% hold a favourable view of her, up from 42% two years ago. She just beats the new comer

President Macron, who 45% hold a favourable view towards (compared with 42% who scored his predecessor President Hollande favourably),” the report said.

Among the countries surveyed, PM Modi had the lowest net score in of a negative 54 (-54) in Pakistan.

North Korea was the second country that gave PM Modi a low score of -34.

From the respondents that were surveyed in India, PM Modi received a net score of +72.

Other global leaders to feature on the list were President Donald Trump who received a negative net score of -27.

“He (Donald Trump) is the only political leader where a majority hold an unfavourable view of him,” the report said.

“Two years ago, just before he left office almost three in five (59%) of those polled throughout 65 countries around the world held a favourable view of US President Barack Obama. This year and having been in office for just over a year, President Trump does not poll so favourably – 31% holding a favourable view of him, 58% an unfavourable view,” the report added.

Also on the list was Russian President Vladimir Putin, who received a net promoter score of +3.

“However, it is Pope Francis who records the highest level of favourability – 56%, rising to 75% of those surveyed in Latin America and 66% of those living in EU-Europe,” the report said.

Image Source: Gallup report