Pro Minority Journo Suhasini Haidar Advocates For Rohingya Muslims And Says Don’t Deport Them, Lashed out by people

Suhasini Haidar is a professional Indian print and television journalist, anchor with a career spanning 20+ years. She is also the youngest daughter of her parents – father Subramaniam Swamy, BJP leader and mother Roxna Swamy.

Suhasini married to Nadeem Haider  who is the son of former Indian foreign secretary Salman Haider. Suhasini haider’s family also includes her two daughter – Ava Mumtaz and Maya Mehr.

All of an estimated 40,000 Rohingya Muslims living in India are illegal immigrants, even those registered with the UN refugee agency, and the government aims to deport them, a senior government official has told Reuters.

The central govt has said illegal immigrants like Rohingyas pose grave security challenges as they may be recruited by terror groups, and asked state governments to identify and deport them.

But pseudo liberal like Suhasini has the problem with govt decision of deporting them, here is what she tweeted

Her is how people slammed her for supporting rohingya Muslim immigrants who are more dangerous to internal security of India