Pro Muslim Kejriwal unveils Tipu Sultan’s portrait on R-Day, includes him in the league of Bhagat Singh and Bose, among others

AAP supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has managed to court controversy, after he decided to unveila Tipu Sultan portrait in the Delhi Assembly on Republic Day.

This unveiling was part of a total of 70 portraits of eminent individuals, which consisted of freedom fighters, revolutionaries and heroes. Few of the portraits unveiled were of heroes like Bhagat Singh, Birsa Munda and Subhas Chandra Bose, which raises the question why did the AAP government decide to hold Tipu Sultan in the same regard.

BJP has taken a stern view of this action by the Kejriwal government and BJP MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa, has questioned as to why was a controversial figure included. Even party legislator Om Prakash Sharma has stated that Delhi Assembly should refrain from putting up a picture of a controversial personality.

In response to the BJP, AAP MLA and spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj decided to indulge in whataboutery by asking the BJP to suggest names of RSS workers who had worked towards the nation’s independence.

Apart from unveiling Tipu Sultan’s portrait, Kejriwal also decided to make a speech. He claimed that an ‘atmosphere of violence’ is being created which is making it difficult for people to lead a normal life. Kejriwal as recorded by Times Now also stated that getting independence was difficult, but now a days it seems that maintaining that independence is becoming even more difficult.

Incidentally this action of the AAP has started getting support from the Congress, with its former Karnataka Youth Congress President, thanking Kejriwal for this act:

Such a possible glorification of Tipu Sultan was also undertaken by the Congress government in Karnataka via the celebration of Tipu Jayanthi, which was heavily slammed by its critics.


One thought on “Pro Muslim Kejriwal unveils Tipu Sultan’s portrait on R-Day, includes him in the league of Bhagat Singh and Bose, among others

  • January 28, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    Kerala state is having a govt. currently run by the Communist party of India. CM of kerala took a stand which appears pro-chinese and anti-national from India’s point of view. It is serious matter involving security of our country/nation. China has often threatend India with dire consequences if we ‘provoke’ China with agressive design. As far as my understanding of news in this regard are concerned, specially Times of India that we are safeguarding our territory that is actually in our possesion physically. What is wrong with that. On the other hand , China in conivance with Pakistan, our enemy from day one, has occupied a substantial part of Kashmir as its own territory and also parts of our north eastern territory basides claiming the entire terrritory that lies between Bhutan and Nepal . China aggression of this sort our central govt is currently taking steps to balance out ! It appears to be a huge point of disagreement between the two countries. Kerala acting in support of China therefore apears to be an act of hostelety by a state of Union!

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