Rahul Gandhi Signs As ‘non-Hindu’ In Somnath Temple Register, And He Is Shiva Bhakt, Hypocrisy At Best

A massive controversy has hit the Rahul Gandhi camp as hours after he visited the Somnath temple in Gujarat, a picture of a register entry has emerged wherein the Congress leader has signed his name in a register maintained for all the “non-Hindus” entering the temple premises. Rahul signed the register along with party co-worker and Sonia Gandhi’s trusted aide, Ahmed Patel, thereby confirming that Rahul is, in fact, not a Hindu.

The question, therefore, begs to be asked emerged that if Rahul Gandhi is not a practising Hindu, why has he never gone public with the knowledge and why does he use temple visits if not with the intent of garnering votes for elections?

The Congress scion along with his mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi has always maintained a very guarded position regarding his religious beliefs even when leaders from other parties have asserted that the Gandhi family is a practising Christian family.

Reacting to the Somnath register entry, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy asserted that there is paperwork to prove that Sonia showed Rahul born a Christian, daring them to prove him wrong. He further added that

Is Rahul Gandhi a fool that he did not know where he was signing? Rahul has earlier said that he is a Shiv bhakt but all that is just fraud talk. He himself has exposed Congress’s big lie. I too have been to the Somnath temple and I have never been asked to sign any register because I am a Hindu 

One thought on “Rahul Gandhi Signs As ‘non-Hindu’ In Somnath Temple Register, And He Is Shiva Bhakt, Hypocrisy At Best

  • November 30, 2017 at 9:30 am

    I appreciate the gesture of Rahul toput his religion as NOT HINDU. His father never affirmed himself as Hindu and his mother was an Italian Christian Catholic by birth, Hence, it is up to him to declare his professed religion!

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