Rahul Gandhi Takes A Dig At PM Modi And tries to troll Him on Twitter, gets trolled instead ….

Rahul Gandhi, Chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress is not alien to trolls. More than often, he has found himself the centre of incessant trolling on social media, especially Twitter, where the politician is very active. Twitterati was surprised to see a series of Tweets by Rahul Gandhi which intended to troll PM Modi over the topic of development in Gujarat. He questioned his work in the state.

Soon his allegations and questioning went to moon. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

‘I will tell you his next line.. by 2025, Modi Ji will give a rocket to each and every person of Gujarat to reach the moon.’

He also mockingly revealed PM Narendra Modi’s ‘grand vision’ for 2030. But as it has happened before, trolls were quick to take him down. In no time, Rahul Gandhi was capsized by incessant trolls that poured in the comment section.

Here’s what Rahul tweeted: 

Here Is how he got trolled: