Rajdeep Shows His displeasure Over death penalty To Rapists, gets Lessons from Twittaratis

Rajdeep has always been against the death penalty. Maybe someday he’ll get to prove his point. People may criticise him, but I understand Rajdeep.  One fine day, when Rajdeep is held guilty, he can defend himself. He can at least say I’ve always opposed the death penalty. Either way, once he’s convicted no one is going to pay for his bail. Sagarika Ghose is not going to shell out money to hire Ram Jethmalani.

Rapists are men who don’t deserve to be men. If you don’t have the basic amount of self-control & if you dare to hurt a woman physically, you don’t deserve to live. Every rapist must be sent to God.

After Rajdeep’s tweet, People got angry and they taught rajdeep a lesson :