Rajiv Malhotra On Love Jihad and How To Minimize It

Rajiv Malhotra (born 15 September 1950)[web 1] is an Indian-American author and Hindu activist who, after a career in the computer and telecom industries, took early retirement in 1995 to found The Infinity Foundation, which focuses on Indic studies,[web 2][note 1] but also funds projects such as Columbia University’s project to translate the Tibetan Buddhist Tengyur. Apart from the foundation, Malhotra promotes a non-western and nationalistic view on India and Hinduism.

Malhotra has written prolifically in opposition to the academic study of Indian history and society originating in Europe and the United States, especially the study of Hinduism as it is conducted by scholars and university faculty of the West, which he maintains denigrates the tradition and undermines the interests of India “by encouraging the paradigms that oppose its unity and integrity”.

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