Rajiv Malhotra On why So Called ‘Secular And Liberal’ Indian Media Has Double Standards Against Hinduism And Hindus ?

Barring few exceptions, conversions don’t take place without giving incentives. A person studies other religion, understands it and voluntarily decides to convert to such religion, can be called as conversion happening willingly. But the truth behind conversions in our country is, those who are converted, don’t have even primary knowledge of the religion they adopt. How can it be then called as voluntary conversion ? The main reason behind such conversions is enticement or pressurization; though such things are never exposed. When Hindu Saints are accused, media will add spice to the incident and start false propaganda.

The same media, however, doesn’t either hold discussions on incidents like ‘Jaipur Sai Mercy Homewali’ or Badgamva in Kashmir or is not even ready to publish news about the same because the incidents are against other religions and not against Hindu Dharma. Media wants only to target Hindu Dharma.

Media, that criticizes child marriages amongst Hindus, doesn’t feel the need to hold discussions on Muslims girls getting married at the age of 15. The true face of channels giving 24 hours news in the name of ‘news channels’ is to carry on own secret agenda and their one and only secret agenda is to give misinformation on (so-called) shortcomings in Hindu Dharma and defame persons and organizations working for ‘Hindutva’. One should have guts to call a spade, a spade; to talk about a mistake as a mistake. Indian media, however, lack guts. They target only Hindus because they are easy target and then blow own trumpets for attacking Hindu Dharma. Media cannot show guts to speak about wrong things in other religions. There has to be a secret reason behind all this because nothing happens without reason !