Ram Nath Kovind Becomes 14th President of India by winning 65.65 per cent votes, He Got This Much Votes

As was expected, NDA Presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind was elected as the 14th President of India by winning 65.65 per cent votes on Thursday, while the official announcement is still awaited.

Ram Nath Kovind won 7,02,644 votes while Meira Kumar trailed with 3,67,314 in total in the elections.

The former Governor of Bihar was a masterstroke decision by the NDA considering that while Kovind has good credentials, he is also a Dalit candidate and his win would make him the second Dalit President of India.

Most parties who were on the fence about supporting the BJP were left with no choice as they did not want to be seen as opposing a Dalit candidate. Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi’s decision to put forth Meira Kumar’s name was seen as retaliation to the NDA’s move.

A day before the election to the top constitutional post, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had congratulated NDA pick Ram Nath Kovind “in advance” and assured him that his government would support him wholeheartedly.

The numbers had favoured Kovind as the ruling coalition had secured the support of two-third of the electoral votes. However, since it was a secret ballot, Opposition chief Sonia Gandhi has asked the ministers to vote their conscience.

Kovind on July 14 had said that if he was elected as the President, he would dedicate his special attention to the youth of the country and fulfilling their expectation.

Courtesy: Times Now