Rare Incident: Muslim Boy Converts To Hinduism To Marry His Hindu Girl Friend In Karnataka

As per the reports of www.coastaldigest.com

In a rare incident, a 24 year old Muslim boy converted to Hinduism in order to marry his 19 year old Hindu girl Yashoda Honnegowda at Yellapur coastal district uttar karnataka

Hasan khan changed his name to Rahul Arya after conversion


Courtesy : www.coastaldigest.com

Courtesy: www.coastaldigest.com

The marriage took place at Shiva temple on Wednesday. Rituals related to conversion performed before marriage

khan turned arya is a construction worker said he and yashoda were in love from last 4 years and marriage did not face any opposition from either family

Members of bride couple blessed the couple. Arya said he did not face any pressure or threat from any one to convert to Hinduism

Hope He Stays Hindu Even After Marriage