Republic TV’s Latest Video Report Exposes Zakir Naiks Hindu Hate And His Conversion Factory

Controversial televangelist Zakir Naik , who is wanted by Indian security agencies for making inflammatory speeches and for the money dealings of his Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, was spotted in Malaysia last week. He was apparently presented an award by Malaysian group Perkasa for his contributions to the cause of Islam. The group put up photographs and videos online of the function.

Hindraf Chairman P. Waythamoorthy, a human rights advocate and senior lawyer in private practice, was expressing disappointment with the government that Zakir Naik has a series of seminars lined up in Terengganu. “He’s noted for mocking Hinduism and making disparaging remarks about other religions and various sects in Islam.”

With Islamic preacher Zakir Naik playing a bigger role in Malaysia’s domestic affairs, every responsible citizen’s are asking what’s in it for Malaysia?

Certainly, in the wake of a massive war of words that has been declared by both Zakir and the Hindu activist group Hindraf, there is cause for concern on the role Naik is playing.

In a video, Zakir is heard criticising Hindraf asking why does the Hindu Rights group have the right to tell a ‘Mufti’ what to say and do about Islam.

He also said Muslims in Malaysia should sue the Hindraf.

“I am not a Malaysian, but local Muslims should sue them,” he is heard saying.

Watch Here The Republic TV Report:

Watch Here:


From Dhaka to Dongri, he radicalised them all #ZakirMalaysiaTapes