Rise in mosques, madrasas on Pakistan border in Rajasthan, what BJP govt is doing ?

Rise in mosques, madrasas on Pakistan border in Rajasthan and the inaction of BJP Govt in the state is a high concern of BSF. Areas close to the International Border in Rajasthan have witnessed a spurt in establishment of mosques and madarsas which has raised concern in the Border Security Force (BSF) which guards the border in the state. BSF DG K K Sharma said an increase in the number of mosques and madarsa has been noticed in the border areas in the last 10 years and the message coming out of those places is not of peace. “We have noticed marked increased in the number of madarsas and mosques in the last 10 years but it is not our mandate to take action against them, we pass on information to the local administration because the construction of such places is regulated by the state government,” Sharma said.

He said “The people who come to most of these madarsas to teach and the maulvis are not from the state which indicates that the message coming out of those places is not that of peace”. Sharma said that the incidence of smuggling from across the border in Rajasthan is low as compared to the border in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir and the border in the desert state is peaceful.

“We have increased deployment in Punjab therefore there is some pressure in Srigangangar in Rajasthan and there also we have strengthened our deployment,” he said while speaking at the India Today conclave here. On the border management, he said the BSF is in the process of modernizing the border defense by incorporating latest technologies. He said the BSF will implement a comprehensive integrated border management system on the entire Pakistan border after implementing it in Jammu and Kashmir on a pilot basis.

BJP lead Govt is now ruling in the state of Rajasthan which claims their stand of ‘no tolerance to the terror’. But, it is alarming that the State Govt is showing its irresponsibility by committing sheer indulgence to allow the breeding houses of Jihadi terrorists in the state with abnormal increase of Madrasas and Mosques along with  Rajasthan-Pakistan  borders.

HENB Senior Reporter Rama Roy wanted to know the views of CM Rajasthan, Smt. Vasundhara Raje on this matter through designated system, response of which is still not available.

__inputs from PTI/Reuters.

Source: hinduexistence.org