Sadvi Tortured, Thrown Acid at Her and Made to sell her Temple By Jihadis, Media Maintains Silence

“Intolerance and attrocities against minorities” is a fake narrative, Start living in real world. Here is what happens in states, country or world. Believe it or not.

When Shakuntala Gupta (67) settled in Delhi’s Harijan Basti in Ghazipur 25 years ago. At that time, out of total 1000 allocated plots, 150 plots were owned by Peacelovers and 850 by Hindus. But in the absence of Uniform Civil Code and stricter law to prevent population explosion, the number of pacelovers grew in the area.

Slowly slowly, the Hindus shifted to other place to seek a peaceful life and out of 1000 plots, now only 400 plots are owned by Hindus. 600 by peacelovers. And since they are in majority now, they have objection to the temple run by Shakuntala Gupta on the ground floor of her home. So much that she was even attacked by acid. Pieces of meat is often thrown on the temple. She even went to police but in vain.
Finally, when she got no help, she wrote on the temple- Temple On Sale.

Even the area Harijan Basti is unofficially known as Mulla Colony.Those who know basic science understand that even from a small experiment, you can estimate larger consequences.

Will we learn from this or we will still live in the illusion?

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