Sagarika Ghosh Takes A Dig At Hindus, Gets Slammed By The People Very Badly


A Prominent Indian Journalist Sagarika Ghosh came forward with a blog on ‘Hindus’ of India. Sagarika very cleverly puts her point, saying that Indians were ‘happy Hindus’, joyfully following their customs, traditions, rituals, at home. She wrote with the change of time  ‘Hinduism’ has become the political agenda and only the ‘vegetarians’ people have place in India now. Further she said there is so much of assertion of ‘being Hindus’,in disguise of violence, love jihad, forceful worshipping of god, and so on that, LIBERAL Hindus are feeling disappointed.

She coined a new word on ‘being a hindu’ and it is ‘Liberal hindus’. That reminds us of the British era, where the Britishers used to believe India has no substance in its history, culture, tradition, and that, it has always been a slave of foreign invaders. These so-called brainwashed Hindus are likely to form a majority of Liberal-Hindus, most probably.
And now according to Sagarika, “The hinduism is now divided into two segments which is Liberal hindus and Non-Liberal hindus”. The people who are asked to stand for national anthem in movies halls, those who choose to stand are non-liberal Hindus, and other, who feel it is not necessary to show respect to the nation and that, they are being forced to do so, are liberal Hindus.”

Later on Sagarika wrote,“Those who killed Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri or Pehlu Khan in Alwar, those attacking lovers, movie directors, meat-eaters, artists or writers or rationalists, can those attackers really represent a religion which places individual freedom at the very centre of spirituality? No, liberal Hindus, you’re repelled by those who kill in your name. You’re appalled at what the world will think of Hinduism if the gau warriors are its only face”.

Now see how people reacted to this. Have a look at the best of the comments here.

Nobody really understood the purpose of writing this blog-piece by Sagarika Ghose, and we really don’t know, what political mileage is she referring to?

Sagarika Ghose had earlier also defamed Sonia Gandhi in an International platform for which she was slammed by the citizens.