Sambit Patra and the people ripping apart Congress spokesperson in a live debate, He has No Answers

The Congress which joined hands with the SP in the recently concluded Assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, was shown a big thumbs down by the people. The people showed their faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP and gave the BJP alliance a clear majority with 320+ seats.

The Congress also lost in Uttarakhand where the BJP secured a clear majority.

The Congress won the highest number of seats in Manpur and Goa but they failed to form the government as the other parties are supporting the BJP. Now Congress has only Punjab in its kitty and is trying to save face.

Rahul Gandhi was “underground” since the results and only came forward today. While the Congress is trying to digest its defeat, the general public and BJP’s Samnbit Patra gave a Congress spokesperson his worst nightmare by trolling him in unison.

During a debate on TV which was attended by a Congress spokesperson and BJP’s Sambit Patra, the anchor took in questions from the public too.

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