Sanjay Jha Gets Befitting Reply When He Tried Defame Modi Government With Lies

Without proper knowledge, and checking the information, the opposition is in a habit to put baseless allegations on other parties, especially on the BJP. Time and again Congress has tried to defame Modi government but they always ended up being exposed.

Something similar happened with Sanjay Jha, national spokesperson of Congress who posted a tweet which read-

Well, the information in this publication is incorrect and so is the allegation by Jha on Modi Government. It is hard to tell whether it was ‘mistake’ on the publication’s part or was it all intentional.

But, to tell you the truth we have with us BJP’s Tajinder Pal Bagga and a few tweets by the Central Railway department that will completely expose Sanjay’s motive…

The publication contained wrong information. As soon as this article started surfacing on social media, the central railway took to its twitter handle to tell people truth and informing them about the actual prices of the items.

BJP’s Tajinder Pal Bagga shunned him like a boss with his fiery tweets exposing Sanjay Jha with the ‘correct information’.

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga’s tweet:

We hope that the next time such a thing happens, the Congress leaders and members will be a little more professional and considerate and not end up making a complete fool of themselves.


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