SC ban on firecrackers: Yoga Guru Ramdev Slams SC And Says ‘Hindus being targeted …………..

The yoga guru also noted that when a particular community or religion is being targeted, it will takes religious turn.

“There is no doubt that Hindus are being targeted. Secondly, is it right to taken legal move for everything? I run schools, universities… we permit only hand-held firework that burns slowly while emitting coloured flames. We all dance, eat well, perform hawan on Diwali… but we don’t support firecrackers with high decibels. Ban should be imposed on big firecrackers,” he said.

“The government should intervene, activities should also raise this issue,” he added.

Questioning flip-flop decisions, he said that “a month ago, government agencies issued 500 licenses to set up shops. The Supreme Court should pass an order that government should take back the firecrackers from the shops and pay them”.

“Who’s at fault? They (traders) invested crores in setting up their businesses,” the yoga guru said.

Ramdev exuded confidence that the government will surely take concrete steps in this regard.

The Patanjali Ayurved founder also said that he will raise the matter before the government.

Replying to Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, he said, “Sacrificing goats, cows, animals… it also harms everybody, contributes to the pollution level. A wise person like Shashi Tharoor shouldn’t talk like this. It takes 100 kgs and huge amount of water of grain to make 1 kg of meat.”

Tharorr had said that “Bakr-Id sacrifices hurt only goats; Muharram mourners flagellate themselves, but Diwali firecrackers affect celebrants and non-revellers alike”.

A major controversy erupted earlier this when the SC passed an order banning the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR till November 1.