See The Ugly Mindset Of Pakistanis, Calling For Death To A Blogger For ‘Blasphemy’

While the myopic ‘liberals’ and ‘seculars’ in India constantly sing praises of the Pakistani society, a very high number of people from that very society bays for the blood of anyone who commits “blasphemy”. Proof of it was the hashtag #HangAyazNizami which continued trending across Pakistan on Sunday.

Ayaz Nizami is the pseudonym of an atheist blogger who has been sentenced to death for blasphemy. Nizami was arrested on March 24 and was quickly charged by a counter-terrorism court in Islamabad.

Here is how people asking to hang him:

But Some Sentible people of pakistan condeming #HangAyazNizami

They also question why Twitter was not stopping the hashtag from trending.