Shia Vs Sunni: Chairs, Cups Thrown as TV Debate on Sunni-Shiite Relations in Egypt Turns Violent

A TV debate on whether Shiite books should be banned at a Cairo international book fair turned ugly when Salafi cleric Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mallah called his opponent an “idiotic madman” who is “proficient in the art of stupidity, idiocy, and the defense of superstitions” and threatened to “hit him in the face with a shoe.” Islamic researcher Yasser Farawila responded that he would retaliate “with 30 shoes.” Eventually threats turned into action, and cups of beverage and chairs went flying in the studio.

The TV host, while trying to separate the sparring guests, apologized and thanked the viewers for watching, as the credits rolled. The debate aired on the Egyptian Alhadath Alyoum TV channel on February 2.

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