Shocking Details : How a plan to kill Hindus was hatched in Italy, UK and Canada

The handlers who directed the killing of RSS and other Hindu leaders have been traced to Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom. The Punjab police which is probing the case learnt that there is a systematic approach that has been followed to eliminate Hindu leaders by ISI agents.

The police say that it has been confirmed that the approach that has been adopted is systematic in nature. The foreign funding for such operations has been traced and more people are likely to questioned, police sources also informed.

The motive behind the killings is to destabilise the state, the police say. The ISI wants to cause communal tension in Punjab. Once the state becomes volatile then it could be used as a platform to launch the Khalistan forces, the police also said.

The police got information about the modus operandi following three very high profile arrests. Hardeep Singh, Jimmy Singh and Jagtar Singh were arrested by the police. During their questioning, the police learnt that the conspiracy to kill Hindu leaders was hatched in Italy, Canada and UK. It was further revealed that while the entire operation is controlled in Pakistan, it was being sourced to handlers in the above mentioned three countries.

The ISI has been planning for long to infuse terrorism into Punjab. Several attempts have been made in the past, but all have failed. This is yet another attempt that is being made by the ISI, Intelligence Bureau officials say.

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