Shocking Truth About Love Jihad, ‘DAWA SQUADS’ HUNT YOUR HINDU DAUGHTERS, A Times Now Report

For long, this was something that would only be whispered in the corridors of power. More often than not, the principal players who scrutinised the issue continued to remain in denial mode. Now, after many years of vacillation, the Kerala Police have admitted the state has been witnessing ‘Love Jihad’ for some time. The confidential report has brought focus on a self-styled fundamental group called ‘Dawa Squad’ is actively converting youngsters in Kerala into Islam. It further says the squad targets youth from the Ezhava community more than any others.

State police chief Loknath Behera admitted Dawa Squad and Love Jihad were not the figment of anybody’s imagination and said the police were gearing up to deal with the situation. “Radicalisation through conversion using various means is taking place in the state. We have formed specialised teams to track the related developments in an integrated manner,” Behera told this reporter.

According to the report compiled by the state police, details of which were accessed by Express, 23 young professionals were converted to Islam in Thrissur district while the total number of converts in Palakkad was 139 in the last two years. The report, which presents a case study of a dozen conversion incidents in north Kerala, says the maximum conversions were taking place in Kannur, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Palakkad and Thrissur.

The report also warns the situation was fuelling communal tension between Hindus and Muslims as the ‘Dawa Squad’ was hatching plots to antagonise Hindu groups. ‘Dawa’ refers to proselytising; the squads target girls and youngsters, mainly those with CPM affiliation and professional qualification, finds the probe.