Shocking Videos of Bangladeshi’s attack On Hindus In Assam, 40 Hindu families fled away

Rod inserted to private parts.
40 Hindu families fled away. Bangladeshis announce that they will make that village a muslim village.

Assam local news papers mention of Attacks on Hindus by Bangladeshis. 45 hindu families already left village. 8 families struggling for existence.

Attack on Hindu families in Jarapaka village of karimganj dist, Assam.
7 hindus injured. Bangladeshis raped hindu women, battling for life.

Watch Here:


The Islamist Bomb has already started exploding in Assam too now. NE & Southern India has already been their target since long

Attacks and Convertism by Muslims is becoming a common phenomenon ,day by day Hindus are either targeted by forcefully converting them or murdering them raping them slaughtering them

Kerala and West Bengal has highest Number of Conversions In India itself.It is a state of Muslim goondaism Supported by Congress and West Bengal by Mamta TMC

Kashmiri Hindus too had to leave their valley due to kashmiri Muslims. Hindus are struggling for their existence everywhere

Once Again we will say it is a wakeup time  , Educate young girls in India not to go for love jihad nor to convert. Voice out against conversions ,against Islamic funda of destroying Hinduism

It is high time Hindus Unite against these Islamic Fanatics and Use your FOE .Save Hindus in Bangladesh .. Save Hindus Save Hindustan

Now note no media will report or create hype over it But if a Muslim or christian is denied even a flat media make it a national news for more than a week, That’s anti Hindu media