Shocking : Why these camels are brought to Bengaluru From Rajasthan Will Blow Your Mind, where Is PETA Now ?

In a shocking development, 10 camels have been brought to Bengaluru from Rajasthan on the occasion of Bakrid, stated Suvarna News.

It is illegal to get camels to Karnataka. It is speculated that the camels have been brought to Shivajinagar for sacrifice. It is said that complaint by the animal rights groups to the police about the presence of 10 camels in Bengaluru has not received any response from the police.

Bakrid will be celebrated in Bengaluru on September 2.

Currently, two camels have been kept in the police quarters premises, but the police have not taken any action on the persons who brought it to Bengaluru.

According to the information given by a resident of Shivajinagar, camels are brought from Hyderabad and other places every year during Bakrid for the purpose of sacrificing them. He even said that the camels are unloaded in the presence of the police.

Camels need a specific weather condition to survive. But the condition of Karnataka is not conducive for the camels to survive. Thus the High Court banned anyone from possessing camels in Karnataka from 2006.

Courtesy: Asianet