Sonam Mahajan Exposed Dangal Actress Mother And She Gets Abuses From Jihadis

They thrive here, They earn name here, They make millions here- But still their heart beats for Pakistan. Last month every Hindu came in support of Zaira Wasim when she was attacked and abused by the Islamist radicals for working in a Bollywood Movie Dangal.

But after supporting her- A few things came in light like “She refused to stand on National Anthem while watching Dangal”. She also advocated the Burkha for woman- But that is her personal choice.

Now when her Past tweets were explored- We found this- Eventually she has deleted this tweet- But Google still has Cache.


OK- Nothing in this one also. But then her mother’s “Zarqa Wasim’s” Facebook account was checked– It had shocking Pro Pakistani things- Have a look:

The Girl Sonam Mahajan exposed her with Twitter handle @asyounotwish and reported these screenshots- Once reported, These Posts were deleted by Zaira’s mother with in minutes- And with in few more minutes Sonam’s Twitter handle was Suspended by Twitter because she posted this:

Image may contain: 5 people

But till now no action has been taken on these people by Twitter who abused her like anything:

How come this quick action on a Twitter account for exposing something while no action on the abusers?

Because “Twitter India’s head” is a Kashmiri- And is a big Hindu Hater and a Big Modi and Right wing hater- A few Tweets from the B@$tard

Image result for Raheel Khursheed anti hindu

Image result for Raheel Khursheed anti hindu

And hence- As can be assumed- Zaira’s mother got the Twitter handle Blocked with his Kashmiri Brother’s help.

So- These people earn in India and still Bleed India- And we Indians are so weak that we not only can do anything about these cunts- But instead gets our Accounts deleted.

Only Solution- Bleed then financially….