Sonu Nigam Shuts The Mouth Of Liberals By Posting Morning 5:45am Azaan Video Of Duration 2:20min

Sonu Nigam tweeted a video of azaan playing in the wee hours of Sunday, which is a week after the singer’s strongly-worded tweets against the use of loudspeakers in mosques, temples and gurudwaras aggravated into a controversy. Mr Nigam, who also shaved his head to stand by his argument, captioned the video “Good morning India.” Mr Nigam’s video appears to have been recorded from the balcony of his apartment and pans across to point out the source of the morning azaan. Sonu Nigam’s tweet supposedly appears to be in response to some reports that claimed azaan cannot be heard near the singer’s apartment in Andheri West and that his tweets on azaan were for mere publicity.