Students In Gujarat Embarrassed Rahul Gandhi, Says “don’t know about him, he only come on elections”

In the well laid-out campus of the Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science in Rajkot, young MBA students are just finishing with their classes. Most of them are going to vote for the first time in next month’s Gujarat assembly elections and have their political preferences clearly chalked out.

In the P.D. Malaviya College of Commerce, there is little activity on the campus with most students in their classrooms busy writing exams. Hardik Solanki and Virendra Mori, however, are outside and talking excitedly about the forthcoming election.

“The BJP has done good work. We have good roads, electricity, good education facilities and infrastructure. Employment is a bit of a problem but all this takes time,” said Solanki, adding “Modi is a very good leader”.

Asked about Rahul Gandhi, he said nonchalantly, “I don’t know about him; he comes only before elections and then disappears.”

Even their college-mate Rashmi Kukadiya feels strongly that the BJP should form the government in the state.