Subramanian Swamy Brilliantly Trolled Rajdeep For His Tweet About Ram Mandir Issue And Asking Hindus To Compromise

Rajdeep is a nasty guy and not an honest journalist – witness the incident when he sat on a sting interview that showed the Congress paying bribes to BJP MLA’s to defect. He was also seen in his true light in New York, where he portrayed himself as a victim of a hard-line Hindu, whereas the video replays showed that in fact he was the aggressor. No doubt,

Rajdeep is a personal enemy of Narendra Modi and has never hid his dislike of the BJP. There have been many rumours that his father, converted to Christianity late in life and that may have influenced Rajdeep, for he has definitely a Christian-Marxist view of India and Hindus.

Here is what Rajdeep Tweeted:

Here Is how Subramanian Swamy trolled him with an epic tweet :

Here is how people reacted to swamy’s tweet: