Suzanna Arundhati Roy Attacks India And Says Pakistan Is Much Better Then India In Handling People Of Their Country

Arundhati Roy. Cousin of Pranoy Roy, she was married to Gerard Da Cunha first and than to film maker Pradip Kirishen. Arundhati is a pure product of Christianity hiding under an intellectual mask plus hard-core Marxism. Apart from her first book the ‘God of Small things’, Arundhati never wrote again anything of value. She is most happy in the company of maoists, naxalites Tamil Elam and Kashmiri separatists.  Roy famously said: “Kashmir has never been an integral part of India and the Indian Govt is at war with Maoists to aid the MNCs”. She also says Modi is promoting Brahmanism. After the “intolerance” debate , she returned her National award for screenplay.Nobody cared

he said that Indian army has been deployed against the country’s own startes like Punjab, Kashmir, certain North Eastern regions. But Pakistan has not deployed its army against its own people like India has done. She also mentioned that how Muslims and tribal people are often attacked in India due to war.