‘The Quint’ carried out a sting operation and jawan Roy Mathew went missing

Courtesy – http://viralinindia.in

A sad news came in on Thursday of the demise of an army jawan named Roy Mathew, who was working as a sahayak in the Devlali Cantonment in Maharashtra. He was found hanging from the ceiling of an abandoned barrack on Thursday and reports have hinted that he could have died 3-4 days before from the day his body was found.

‘Sahayaks’ or ‘buddies’ are aides to the army officers to assist them with their uniforms or other personal chores while they concentrate on their military responsibilities. This is not restricted to the army. There are aides that bureaucrats and diplomats are entitled to also.


But there is something really fishy about this death and the media house ‘The Quint’ is under the scanner.

‘The Quint’ had carried out a sting operation to highlight the condition of sahayaks in the army and show how these jawans are being used by the higher ranked officers for menial and domestic jobs.

Roy Mathew had featured in this sting which was headed by journalist Poonam Agarwal. The Quint broke this story on the 24th of February and also uploaded a ‘sting video’ of the same. Roy Mathew went missing a day after the story was published. Here is a press release doing the rounds.

It has been reported that Mathew was a little upset after his interactions with the media and had also told his wife about the same.

What has been interesting to note here is that soon after the reported death of Mathew, The Quint went on to delete the entire report from all online channels.

As can been seen here, the story has been deleted and hence it is unavailable in this tweet of the very journalist who carried out this sting.

The website link of the story now reaches a dead-end when tried to access.

The video released by The Quint on the entire research has also been removed.

The question that arises here is why would a media house carry out such a deep investigation, conduct a sting, record videos and make a detailed story on the same and then go on to delete it from everywhere, as soon as the jawan’s death was reported?

Has it been deleted with a sense of guilt by The Quint, that maybe it fears it may have played a role in this suicide? It has been reported that Mathew was under a lot of stress after his interactions with the media and his sudden death is raising multiple questions.

Also The Quint did not release any raw footage of their sting operation and had only posted excerpts of their video, which has also been deleted now.

Was Mathew’s suicide a result of stress or was there any foul play? Also what is The Quint’s motive behind carrying such an extensive sting operation even when the matter of scrapping the sahayak system is already under consideration and then deleting it soon after the jawan’s death?

Are media houses going overboard in their quests to break stories and sometimes, spread agendas?

These questions remain unanswered and there should be a probe to nab the guilty, whoever they may be.