This father son duo has taken ‘Gurmehar Kaur’ for a toss and showed real face

Gurmehar Kaur has become the talk of the town when she took the stand in favor of Anti Nationals like Umar Khalid- the one who talks about “Freedom of Kashmir From India”.

Gurmehar herself is the biggest hypocrite she says she wants “Peace’ across the world but when the “Russian Abassador” was assassinated in Turkey she favored the assassination. So, that itself show she doesn’t want peace but she was planted to favor Pakistan.

When Virendra Sehwag trolled “Gurmehar Kaur” the whole left brigade started bashing Sehwag but when Sehwag started getting support from Randeep Hooda, Phogat Sisters,Yogeshwar Dutt that became an even fight. The left brigade was so very vocal against all these legends.

Left libtards didn’t feel any shame Shaming these icons of India. Rather they termed everybody who favored them a ‘Troll’.

Everyone who doesn’t support their ideology is a ‘Troll’ for them. Everyone who supports Right Wing Ideology is a troll, Everyone who favors ideology of India is a Troll for them.

This father son duo has taken ‘Gurmehar Kaur’ for a toss and tried to show them their real face. Check the video: