This how Pakistani and World Media covered India PM Modi’s Record Breaking visit to Israel

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Israel on a three-day historic tour. With the trip, PM Modi has become the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel.

The New York Times writes PM Modi’s visit to Tel Aviv has reinforced Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s longstanding argument that “far from being diplomatically isolated because of its policies toward the Palestinians, Israel is constantly being courted by countries seeking help in technology, intelligence and counterterrorism.”

The report carries the headline, “Indian Premier, in Israel Visit, Seeks to Break Barriers in Trade and History”.

CNN reports Modi’s visit with the headline “Indian Prime Minister makes historic visit to Israel”. It says, “Israel has in recent years become an important defense supplier for India.

The Washington Post has published a wire story which, apart from highlighting India’s growing defence and trade ties with Israel. notes how things have changed between the two countries in the last 25 years. “During the Cold War, India was a leading member of the Nonaligned Movement of developing countries and sided staunchly with the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel. Before ties were established in 1992, India would not even allow its citizens to enter Israel on an Indian passport.”

The BBC starts its report, saying, “Narendra Modi has arrived in Tel Aviv, becoming the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel.” The report tries to outline the agenda of Modi’s visit. It says defence deals will be the top agenda.

Pakistani media is seeing Modi’s Israel visit with suspicion. Most of the Pakistani media covered Modi’s visit briefly with wire copies, while there were debates on Modi’s visit on Pakistani channels. The Dawn published a wire copy headlines as “Modi set to become first Indian PM to visit Israel”. The Express Tribune reported Modi’s visit with the headline: “Modi visit holds special meaning for Indian Jews in Israel”.

With the inputs from financialexpress