This Inhumane way of cow transport at Bangladesh and India border will blow your mind

Bangladeshi cattle markets, known as ‘khattals’, are brimming with cows and oxen from India that travel thousands of kilometers, including water routes, on the sly. Traders at markets admit that demand for Indian beef is high and the scaling down of smuggling activity has only served to push the prices up.

Defence expert Maj Gen (Rtd) PK Sehgal told Mail Today the cattle smuggling on Indo-Bangladesh border was worth $8 to 10 billion but after strict instructions by Narendra Modi government, the smuggling has come down. “But it still continues to be worth at least $5 billion dollars. The cattle are pushed in, unfortunately many times in connivance of the force guarding the border.”

Watch This Shocking Video of cow smuggling on Indo-Bangladesh border :

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