This is Painful story of gruesome killing of Kashmiri Hindus by Jihadis

Name: i/ Prof K. L. Ganjoo, ii/ Mrs K. L. Ganjoo
Age: i/ Late 40s, ii/ -do-
Resident of: Sopore
Profession: i/ Lecturer, ii/ Teacher
Date of Killing: 7.5.1990

Ganjoo, a lecturer at the Agricultural College at Wadors near Sopore, had returned from Nepal after attending a conference along with his wife. Two officials of the college were sent with a jeep to receive him. And receive they did. Dragging him and his wife out of the vehicle, right in the middle of the bridge at Sopore, they shot at him. They threw the wounded man into the river Jhelum to die. A young nephew of the couple, who was also with them, was given a choice-either to jump into the river to which his uncle had been consigned or watch what they were going to do with his aunt. They counted “3” and the boy jumped into the river. The bullet riddled body of Prof Ganjoo was found some days later on the banks of river Jhleum. His nephew, a non-swimmer, somehow survived and managed to escape. What happened to Prof Ganjoo’s wife is not exactly known, there being conflicting reports about her. According to official reports, police has not been able to trace her out so far. But some newspaper reports say that she was gang raped by the terrorists and then killed in a gruesome manner.

Name: Shri Ashok Kumar
Age: 30s
Resident of: Pulwama
Profession: Not known
Date of Killing: Not available

Ashok Kumar was kidnapped by Jamat-i-Islami militants. The kidnappers broke his limbs and then brought him to the main square of the town. There, he was forced to confess/being a member of the CPI(M). He was then asked to beg for mercy which he did. Even then the militants did not let him off. They gouged out his eyes and shot him dead. and