This Is The Message Modi Govt gave to North Korea When Conducted Powerful Nuclear Test ….

North Korea on Sunday conducted it’s sixth and so far its most powerful nuclear test on Sunday, comprising an advanced hydrogen bomb for a long-range missile.

Countries around the world condemned the test, including China, US and Japan.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement condemning the test, calling it a ‘deplorable act’.

The press statement released by the ministry read:

India deplores the nuclear test conducted by the DPRK this morning. It is a matter of deep concern that DPRK has once again acted in violation of its international commitments which goes against the objective of the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, which has been endorsed by DPRK itself. We call upon DPRK to refrain from such actions which adversely impact peace and stability in the region and beyond. India also remains concerned about the proliferation of nuclear and missile technologies which has adversely impacted India’s national security.

Meanwhile, North Korea, which continues to conduct tests, flouting international laws and sanctions set by the United Nations, termed the test a ‘perfect success’.

Source: The Quint

One thought on “This Is The Message Modi Govt gave to North Korea When Conducted Powerful Nuclear Test ….

  • September 4, 2017 at 11:24 am

    North Korea like Pakistan, is wasting it’s resources on military use of nuclear power with no enemy to fear. This is fascism in Communism of the former and covert rule of the Military Junta in the case of the latter. Both have coerced their people into a false thinking that a war is imminent while holding the reins of power firmly in their hands for their selfish end….development of the country and it’s people be damned.

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