This is the reason why RSS didn’t unfurl tricolour for 52 years

Is it true that the RSS didn’t unfurl India’s national flag for 52 years straight? Yes, it is! In fact, Congress scion by birthright, Mr Rahul Gandhi also pointed out the same fact in January 2017 and for the last few days, I’ve seen countless social media posts, articles, etc. pointing out the same thing. But, what is the bigger truth behind this? If you don’t know the complete truth, this post is a must-read for you!

What really happened several decades ago that the RSS stopped unfurling tricolor after 1950? Post-independence, RSS was growing in strength. After all, Congress party and even Mahatma Gandhi had been blind to the massacre of Hindus by the Muslim League in 1940s (This for example, happened on this day in 1946). RSS had begun celebrating Independence Day and the Republic Day with great enthusiasm all over the country. General public too had begun participating in these celebrations. A shrewd politician, Pt Nehru saw this exponential rise in RSS’s stature as an immediate threat to his political dreams of ruling the nation. How could he sleep peacefully at night after having heard how many people participated in RSS’s independence day function? So, the man who had cheated Sardar Patel and Netaji Bose hatched another plan to prevent RSS from holding Independence Day celebrations. Therefore, a brand new chapter was added to the Constitution of India!

Nehru appended a new chapter – National Flag Code – along with other sections to the Constitution. With this new legal provision in place, it became a crime for the general public to unfurl the tricolor. Our national flag could then be unfurled only at government buildings and only by certain people in the country. The new flag code introduced by Nehru also had provisions for severe jail-time.

Since Nehru had succeeded in his treachery, Indian National Flag could no longer be unfurled at RSS shakhas all over the country. No flag-unfurling ceremonies could be held. After all, RSS shakas were private and not government buildings.

Before Independence, Indians were on streets carrying Indian flag, protesting against the British. Why then, was there any need to prevent the general public from even unfurling or hoisting the Indian flag? It had been done specifically to prevent RSS from gaining more popularity among the Indian masses.

With one shot, Nehru snatched away the basic right of all Indian citizens just so he could target the RSS.

Later on, Congress MP, Naveen Jindal, unfurled the Indian National Flag at his factory, Jindal Vijayanagar Steels. A FIR was registered. He was arrested. After a long legal fight (case details), the Supreme Court ruled in 2002 that all Indian citizens can unfurl the Indian National Flag. Citizens can also hoist Indian National Flag on private buildings, as long as do not disrespect it and do so as per the flag code.

AFTER THIS Supreme Court ruling, RSS began unfurling Indian National Flag at its shakhas once again.

That, my friend, is what really happened.

Now, let me show you the propaganda spread by the Congress leaders, Leftists and others on the Internet:

Before India was officially declared a free country, RSS, Congress Committee, MK Gandhi, and the rest had their own ideas for the national flag. Like RSS, even Congress Committee had recommended a Saffron Flag, Nehru wanted a tricolor for ‘all religions’ and Gandhi wanted a British Union Jack in flag. Shown below is an excerpt from Gandhi’s speech on 19 July, 1947:

Post-Independence, till this day, Congress peddled blatant lies that the RSS had rejected the Indian National Flag – the tricolor. Those lies continue to this day. While the truth is that it was Nehru who had committed a treachery against the Indian public by snatching away their right to hoist the Natioanl Flag.

It is my humble request that you share this post at as many places as possible so that the general public knows the truth because when someone hears that the RSS didn’t even unfurl national flag for 52 years straight, without knowing the treachery of the Congress Party and especially that of Pt Nehru, s/he may start having doubts about RSS, a truly patriotic organization.