This is what happened when Alauddin Khilji begged naked to Rajput Kings, Media And Bollywood Won’t Tell You This

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Alauddin Khilji was one of the most brutal humans to have been ever born on earth. He ascended the throne by killing his father-in-law cum uncle and carrying his head on a spear inside Delhi on holy Ramazan.

Like Akbar the Great, he also considered himself to be a Prophet and forced Qazis to give religious approvals to his whims and fetishes. The number of rapes and murders he committed is surpassed only by the brutality of those rapes and murders.

As other Muslim Sultans, he enjoyed sex with young boys. Malik Kafur was his child sex-partner who rose to become his general. (Later, he killed Alauddin Khilji and his family).

Prophet Alauddin Khilji will go down in history as killer of largest number of Muslims (around 30000) and raping their women in one single day. And yet, fools hail him as a Muslim icon!

India has always been abundant with fools and traitors. Today we have Barkha Dutts, Rajdeep Sardesais, Ravish Kumars, Arvind Kejriwals and so many. Earlier there were Jai Chands, Ratipals and Ranmals.

Thanks to these foolish traitors, Alauddin could defeat brave heroes like Hamir Dev of Ranathambhor, ransack Somnath temple among thousand others, capture Gujarat, and now wanted to conquer Mewar.

He camped in outskirts of Chittor (Mewar) and called Rana Ratan Singh for negotiations pretending to be a friend. Indians have always paid heavily for trusting those rascals who were not loyal even to their fathers. They assume invaders from western borders to be men of honor like Indians and continue to be duped till today.

Rana Ratan Singh also trusted the pig Alauddin Khilji and went for discussions. Alauddin showed his true colors and kidnapped him. And set forth his demand – that every Muslim Sultan from Ghori to Khilji to Akbar to Aurangzeb has always put – give me all your gold and women. 

Every terrorist who invaded India was a pervert rapist far worse than Osama Bin Laden of Al Qaeda or Baghadadi of ISIS.

(The story of Alauddin Khilji requesting to see Queen Padmini and Rajputs allowing him to see her through mirror is a shameless myth that originated from Padmavat – a poem by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. We Indians are such fools that we lose all sense of right and wrong when appreciating art and poems. Fictions become facts just because they sound musical and seem to be great Bollywood plots! Brave warriors secure our happiness, and coward ‘artists’ mint money from their sacrifices!)

Rajputs agreed to send their women in Palkis (palanquins) next morning.


It is early morning. Alauddin Khilji has made all the plans and has instructed his generals. They are to count the number of palanquins, and ask palanquin carriers to leave. If anyone acts smart, kill him. Then take out each woman, arrange them in order of their beauty and rank. Keep Queen Padmini (Padmavati) in front. And bring in front of Sultan Alauddin Khilji – the Prophet who would conquer the world like Alexander the Great!

Palanquins arrive before dawn. But before palanquin-carriers leave, the Rajput women come out. And suddenly there is mayhem. No, they are not women. They are Rajput warriors who are butchering the rapists like vegetables.

One group of Rajputs led by brave Badal start ransacking one tent after another in search of Rana Ratan Singh. The other group led by Gora – Badal’s uncle – push through the center of camp in search of Alauddin Khilji.

Badal finally locates Rana and frees him. He signals Gora and bows to his uncle for one last time. They both know this is their last meeting.

Badal and his group quickly retract with Rana towards the fort. They have little time left for the next plan of action.

Meanwhile Gora slices innumerable hands and heads of Jihadis and enters the well-lit royal tent.

Alauddin Khilji is on bed straight ahead of Gora. Completely naked. Panting like a dog. Jumping back and forth on top of a woman and tearing her clothes to display bicep power. Looking at her as a dog leers at a piece of meat.

So engrossed is the beast in his animal instincts that he is completely oblivious to the noise and shouts. Or it is a usual cacophony very similar to banging shouts and moans in Khilji camp every night!

Alauddin does not notice that someone is witnessing his brave performance. But the poor woman notices a change in lamp shadows and raises an alarm.

And then:

Alauddin springs up in surprise. Sees his death in hands of a muscular Rajput. The ‘performance’ abruptly ends in an immediate ‘showdown’.

Hides behind the woman. She is his armor now. He knows that a Rajput will die but not touch a woman.

The brave Sultan is weeping. Wet down, wet above, wet all over! Running around the tent holding the woman in front. Sometimes remembering Allah, sometimes begging Gora.

As he reaches the gate of tent, he pushes the woman to Gora and makes a run for his life.

Gora moves to side so as to not touch the woman. He misses his target.

He realizes that the cost of dignity of one woman will now be thousands of women.

But what could he do! It all happened within few moments. How could he ditch the core instinct of a Hindu Rajput – to treat every woman as your own mother?

A Muslim Sultan fights to rape women. A Hindu fights to protect women.

The thoughts flash in his mind but it is too late. Alauddin is also late.

Before the pig could jump out of tent, he could not escape the touch of Rajput sword. The sword tears apart his rear.

Alauddin’s men enter the tent seeing their Sultan grunting and running naked oozing blood behind himself.

Gora fights valiantly and dispatches a lot many to Jannat. Heads, hands fly everywhere. It is blood all over.

The hero says: ‘Jai Eklingji’ for one last time in life. And sets an example of valor that will inspire thousands of Agniveers till a single Jihadi exists in this world.



Alauddin sent his army to Chittor. The Rajputs, though outnumbered, fought till death. When the Jihadis entered the fort shouting “Allah-hu-Akbar:, they found funeral pyres and ashes of 16000 other Hindu women along with Rani padmini All women had chosen to burn themselves than be a sex-toy of Jihadis.

This was the second Jauhar after Ranathambhor few years ago. This was the start of Sati practice.

It was not over though. Jihadis won one battle as they excelled in being traitors. But could not stand long against brave Hindus.

Chittor was snatched back from Alauddin Khilji in 1311.

Death of Khilji dynasty:

Alauddin Khilji’s damaged rear reminded him of Rajputi sword for rest of his life. He could no more walk straight, sit erect, sleep properly, or bang any slave like a dog. Had to turn a goat.

He stopped going into military expeditions and chose to send his generals instead. His eunuch gay-partner Malik Kafur became powerful due to this. Sleeplessness, trauma, and pain turned Alauddin Khilji, medically insane within next 10 years.

Malik Kafur murdered a mad Alauddin Khilji in 1316 and blinded his two sons before being killed himself.

That sword of Gora, that palanquin of Rajputs, that valor of Badal – sealed the destiny of Khilji dynasty.

No one dared to raise an eye over Chittor for next 230 years.


And today, many Mughal Sultans are seen begging on Etawah railway junction.

What Now:

If we have any shame left, we must stand up to destroy the Khiljis around. Instead we choose to glamorize rapist killing machines like Alauddin Khilji by making films on them and casting top actors to play their roles.

Perhaps there will be movies on Ajmal Kasab and Nirbhaya Rapist tomorrow enacted by superstars!

When money-minting artists tend to become spokespersons of valor and sacrifice, and we find our bravery only in clapping in those shows, know that we are now a bunch of cowards left to defend our Padminis.


There will also be Agniveers who will continue to destroy Khiljis. Because we are loyal to the Goras, Badals, Prataps, Shivajis, Guru Gobinds, Ahom heroes, Gorkha legends, and countless of warriors who guaranteed that we can live with our head held high. No one else matters.

Read this story to your kids. They will never become slaves of anyone. And will know how to destroy terrorism.


Vashi Sharma is a globally renowned energy scientist. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. Vashi is an expert on Islamic terrorism and deradicalization.

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