This Man Superbly Thrashed Sanjay Leela Bansali For Portraying Khilji As Hero In The End

Here is what audience said :
It’s embarrassing to see such kind of movie. Even B grade movies have some decency . The movie starts with Khilji picking up a Rajput girl to rape . Whole movie portrays him like a true unconquerable warrior . The last scene is about Khilji chasing Padmini that can be compared with any B-grade movie where a rapist chases its prey.

Being educated people, we can understand to differentiate between reel and real history, but this movie surely will send a glorified portrayal of a rapist to the uneducated/gullible masses of India who get easily swayed by Bollywood actors. We are in the 21st century, why do we need to see such cheap flicks in the name of history that has been distorted by the makers.
I do not belong to any party or Karni Sena.I just watched the movie and telling what i felt .

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