This Pakistani Girls Tweet On Sushma Swaraj Is Breaking The Internet, Burnol Time For Haters

Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj has won much affection from people on social media for her prompt responses and help. Millions of grateful Indians have now been joined by a woman from Pakistan, whose wish may not please her Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif.

Pakistani Women tweets saying this:

“Lots and Lots of Love and respect from here. Wish you were our prime minister. this country would have changed,” read a tweet from Hijaab Asif. Ms Asif had sought intervention from Ms Swaraj on behalf of a Pakistani national who wants to have medical treatment in India.

Ms Swaraj stepped in and soon after, the Indian High Commission in Islamabad tweeted:

Here is what Pak Women Tweets After That:

A number of Pakistanis travel to India for medical treatment – several hospitals have reported receiving as many as 500 patients a month. But the medical visa process has slowed down after a Pakistani military court sentenced Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav to death on allegations of espionage.

Earlier this month, she helped Osama Ali, a man from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir who needed visa to come to Delhi to get treatment for his liver tumour.  Mr Ali said Mr Aziz had refused to write to the Indian High Commission for his visa. Ms Swaraj pointed out that Mr Ali, being a resident of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, which belongs to India, did not need any letter from Pakistan.





One thought on “This Pakistani Girls Tweet On Sushma Swaraj Is Breaking The Internet, Burnol Time For Haters

  • July 28, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    This is the result and ultimate destiny to whoever acts against Hindustan. It has been a history starting from Bhutto, Zia ul Haq, musharref and now Nawaz. They get punished by their own law.

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