Times Now Calls Karala A Pakistani And Apologized For The Same

Times Now is the latest media house to get a taste of what it is to be on the wrong side of Kerala, after hordes of Malayalis and Keralites lashed out at the TV channel on social media for referring to the state as ‘Pakistan’, in what appears to be a genuine error.

On Friday, while Times Now was breaking the news that Amit Shah was arriving in Kerala amidst the heightened conflict between the centre and the state over the new cattle slaughter rules, one of the tickers on screen read – ‘Heads to thundery Pakistan’.

In a matter of a few hours, #ApologiseTimesCow shot up the charts of trending hashtags.


Clearly thunder-struck by the deluge of posts and tweets – some even abusive – directed at it online, Times Now has apologized for its mistake. The channel aired the apology on Saturday morning, calling it an “inadvertent error”.

Sources within Times Now told ANI that the newsroom was quite rattled by the verbal thrashing they received online for the ‘genuine mistake’, and that senior editors rushed to offer an apology before things got further out of hand.