Times Now Exposed Love Jihad Factory, Here Is How People Reacted To This Expose

Love Jihad is a reality and its wide open, even liberal media like times now is talking about it but still most Hindus are in denial mode saying its right wing or RSS propaganda to polarize Hindu votes and create tension between community.

last year a kerala Hindu girl was converted to Islam and then she joined ISIS with her Muslim boy friend

Aparna, a student of aeronautical engineering in Kochi, suddenly went missing one day. In this precarious situation, her mother was left with no option and filed a missing report with the Kerala Police. After the investigation, she was located in Calicut.

Aparna was traced at Sathya Sarini, an institute that aims to spread the word of Islam among non-Muslim communities. She had now been converted as a Muslim, going from Aparna to Shahana. A revelation that shook the whole country!

An intelligence report prepared by Kerala’s state police has recognised two conversion centres in Kozhikode (or Calicut) and Malappuram which has converted people to Islam over these years. An estimated 5,793 non-Muslims have been forcibly converted to Islam between 2011 and 2015. It is also feared that the number of converted Muslims at ‘unrecognised’ centres is much higher.

Aparna was a hostel resident from August 2013 at Jual Education Trust, Ernakulam.

The TOI report also states, more than half of the converted people are women. An approximate of 76% of the total are women below 35 years of age, with Nimisha alias Fathima and Aparna as some of the easy targets. Aparna now refuses to go home with her parents, and when presented before the High Court, she insisted on going with Sumayya, who also took Aparna to the court. This is the face of extreme Islamic radicalism that the nation and worldwide countries are encountering with.

Here is how people reacted to Times Now Expose On Love Jihad