Truth About Shocking Brutal Gang rape of a teenage girl in Shimla, Heart Breaking Story

The brutal gangrape and murder of a teenage girl in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh has raised the hackles of people there. Four of the six accused have since been arrested and are being interrogated.

The incident may have occurred a week ago, but the nature of it has angered local citizens. One of their biggest grouses is the absence of any transport service between the school and village where the girl lived.

The 16-year-old was reportedly abducted along this path, and her naked body, with broken limbs, was found in the woods a day later.

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While the post-mortem report of the girl is still awaited, local officials have confirmed that the girl was raped multiple times and then strangulated to death. Probe would later reveal the involvement of six people.

What has raised the concern of parents in the area is the fact that not only is this the first such case of its kind in the area, but also that the girl’s attackers were so brutal that they broke her limbs. Whether the breaking of limbs happened before or after her death will be detailed in the post-mortem report.