Twitter India Never Suspended Accounts Of These Shockingly Abusive Tweets Of Leftists, Congees

Twitter India wasted no time in suspending nationalist Paresh rawal and singer Abhijeet’s accounts for allegedly using abusive language but did nothing when leftists, anti Hindus and anti nationals used same abusive language. This clearly proves how twitter India is biased against nationalist accounts.

Check out the tweets of some of the journalists

She Write for  Firstpost and huffpostIndia

Now check out the tweet from twitter head of India Mr Raheel Khursheed and his abusive tweet for PM Modi, no action taken for this

Abusive Tweet of National General Secretary of NSUI

This is the tweet of JNU’s 27+ student shehla rashid and her abusive tweet

One more leftist journo tweet

Finally every one’s favorite journo for trolling Sagarika with her provocative tweet