Twitter slams Rahul Gandhi for sexist comment about Michelle Obama

In his speech, Rahul said that five years from now, if a farmer from the state goes to the US, he would find that the phones available there are manufactured in UP. “We would emboss ‘Made in Uttar Pradesh’ over it, and whichever shop he visits, the entire stock would be from UP,” Gandhi said. Referring to the former US First Lady, Rahul said, “When Obama’s wife would be cooking food in her kitchen, she would admire the utensils. After admiring the cooking utensils she should read the lines ‘Made in Jaunpur’ embossed over them.”

The remark was a tad bizarre and followed the ‘Made in _________’ remarks he has been making the rounds. However many felt that the remark was sexist, suggesting that a woman’s place was in the kitchen.

Here is what he said about michelle obama

This is how people slammed Him: