UP madrasas Celebrated I-Days Without National Anthem By Going Against Yogi Govt Order

Many madrasas across Uttar Pradesh defied on Tuesday that asked staff and students at the Islamic educational institutions to sing the national anthem.

In Kanpur, Meerut and Bareilly, three of the biggest madrasa centres in the state, students sang Saare Jahan Se Achha, a 20th century patriotic song penned by the poet Mohammad Iqbal and didn’t record proceedings, saying they didn’t want to give proof of their patriotism. (Live updates)

“Students hoisted the flag and celebrated the occasion with traditional fervour. The government order is an attempt to test our patriotism which is wrong,” said Haji Mohd Saleeh, convener of the Sunni Ulema Council.

But many of the state’s 16,000 madrasas didn’t take the order well and many prominent clerics publicly opposed the order. UP has one of the highest proportions of Muslims in the country, nearly a fifth, and just 600 of the madrasas are government aided.

In Bareilly, students at the Manzar-e-Islam – the biggest Barelvi madrasa in the city – hoisted the Tricolour but didn’t sing the national anthem. Instead, around 500 students gathered at the open prayer hall to sing ‘Sare jahan se achha’. The madrasa authorities also refrained from videography. Mediapersons were not allowed to cover the main event, which lasted for over an hour.

“Traditionally, we do not sing the national anthem during Independence Day or Republic Day celebrations. We only followed convention this time,” a senior cleric told HT on the condition of anonymity.

They have problem with national anthem, they have problem with vande mataram and they have problem with bharat mata ki jai. They have problem with doing everything which is in Sanskrit and its Hindus. They are Hindu haters

With the inputs from HT