Verified Pakistan Twitter Handle Posts Morphed Image of Indian Girl With Anti India Comments, Twitter Suspended Account

Kawalpreet Kaur, a psychology student from the University of Delhi posted the original post in June 2017 against the incidents of mob lynching. In the original post, she is seen holding a placard which says, “I am a citizen of INDIA and I stand with secular values of our constitution. I will unite against communal mob lynching of muslims in our country. #CitizensAgainstMobLynching.”

The Original Post


However, the now suspended twitter handle named ‘Pakistan Defence’ posted with the caption, ‘Indians are finally realising the truth; their country is actually a colonialist entity.’ The post contained the same image of Kawalpreet Kaur, but with the placard texts replaced, saying, “I am an Indian but I hate India, because India is a colonial entity that has occupied nations such as Nagas, Kashmiris, Manipuris, Hyderabad Junagard, Sikkim, Mizoram, Goa.”

The Fake Post


As the post by ‘Pakistan Defence’ came into light, Twitter users censured the handle, with several users from Pakistan claiming that even they are fed up of the content in the account in question. As people reported the handle for misrepresenting facts and sending a completely negative message against India, Twitter suspended the account.

Following the suspension, Kaur took to Twitter to announce it and said, “The account of @defencepk has been suspended by twitter for posting my unverified & morphed pictures. Grateful to all who reported it in large numbers. The message of the picture shouldn’t be lost in these dark times. No nation wants lynchings & killings. Only bigots wants hate.”