Victim Of Triple Talaq Want To Talk But Mullas Not Allowing, Gets Slammed By Anchor

India is home to world’s third-largest Muslim population which is governed by the Sharia or Islamic jurisprudence and this has been the case since British colonial rule. But till today, India’s 90 million Muslim women face the threat of a sudden, oral, and out-of-court divorce.

When Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other Islamic countries could ban the practice of talaq-ul-bidat, then why not India, is the question. Talaq-ul-bidat or triple talaq is a Sharia law practice which gives men the power to end a marriage by simple uttering the word ‘talaq’ to their wives three times in succession.

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Amrit Kumar

जो कमीना #हिन्दू सेकुलर बन के घूमते फिरते हैं उनको यह जरुर देखना चाहिए…..