Video: Big Expose On Lie Of An AAptard Who Says Modi Lied On Independence day Over Tax Pay Numbers

Courtesy: thelotpot

Jumlebaaz hai Modi, Modi is not giving the correct data, Modi gave forged figures from Red Fort, Modi lied even on Independence Day. These are some of the comments that have been flowing on social media.

After the Independence Day speech of Narendra Modi, a seemingly AAPTARD Dhruv Rathee came to the fore and did a fact check of Modi’s speech. And in his analysis, Mr. Rathi proved that Modi is an utter liar.

In the Video Mr. Rathi (Read Aaptard) asked a few questions and even tried to give proofs as well.  It has been viewed by more than 50 Lakh people and all the big pages are promoting it.

The Video has been shared for around 1 Lakh Times on different mediums.

Pages Like Logical Indian:

But the actual truth is this Kejriwal stooge has lied in the video.

So, here is the bit by bit analysis along with all the necessary proofs to prove this AAP tard wrong. We urge you to share this video to the maximum so that this Bluffmaster gets exposed: —Check Page 22 of this doc