Video: Burqa-clad girl dancing in mall upsets conservatives, saying it was “un-Islamic” and such acts are not acceptable.

A burqa-clad girl dancing to Bollywood chart buster ‘Kala Chashma’ in a mall here has raised the hackles of some organizations, after the video was uploaded on social media.

Members of several Muslim organizations have vented their ire against the girl dancing in a burqa, saying it was “unIslamic” and such acts are not acceptable.

The video, which has gone viral on social media and other platforms, shows the girl dancing with four other girls at a programme which was part of promotional activity in a mall. Those present there shot the video. However, TOI cannot vouch for the authenticity of the video. It also could not be ascertained who the burqa-clad girl was.


“Dancing in public wearing a burqa, a sacred symbol of Islam, in front of men is not acceptable in our religion. The young woman has shown our religion in poor light,” Ismail Shafi, vice-president of South Kanara Salafi Movement, told TOI.

He added that Muslim women who are part of Bollywood and films, have been doing this for a very long time. “It is unIslamic. The girl in the video has followed them. She had the freedom to remove the burqa and dance. Every human being has freedom in Islam, including women. Her parents should be held responsible for throwing aside values of religion,” he said, when asked about an individual’s freedom.

Shafi said they will now try to find the girl, meet her family and explain what the religion means. “It is the duty of parents to control their children. Today, we have learnt that Muslims are going to pubs and are addicted too. Such things are haram,” he said.