Video: Hardik Patel’s Alleged ‘SEX’ CD Is Out And its Going Viral On Social Media, Hardik Denies It

As Gujarat Assembly elections draws near, politics in the state has also started getting dirtier.  With Hardik Patel and the Congress likely to strike a deal ahead of the Assembly polls, a sleaze video has become viral on the social media. It contains a clip of a man engaging in some intimate moments with a woman.

It is being alleged that the man in the video is Hardik Patel.

But fearing loss of face and eventually votes, Hardik Patel has sought to defend himself. Today, he tweeted: “Dirty politics has begun now. It will not make any difference to me by defaming me. But the image of the Gujarati women is being tarnished.”

And people are started reacting  to video:

How he knew this ?